The Perfect Gift… Cater To Yourself!

It’s that time once again. The family is arranging to all land on your doorstep for some good, old-fashioned family fun and delicious food. The holidays are a time to kick back and watch the kick-off! But what about you? Do you get to kick back and relax or are you thinking, how many side dishes should I make. Do I have enough platters for the hors d’oeuvres? When will I find the time to clean my fridge to make space for all the extra food.

I have a theory. I ask myself how much I would charge per hour to do all the work required to have 16 house-guests to dinner. I factor in housekeeping, food planning, shopping time, gas, prep and electricity used. Then I hop over to Chef’s Catering’s Holiday Menus and say…It’s worth every penny! Everything is delicious. Everything is prepared by a professional chef. Everything is set-up for me on my buffet table that I’ve put my best linens on.

Here’s an idea, perhaps you want to make the bird but have someone else prepare the sides. It’s always good not to split focus! You can pick it up or we deliver for a little extra charge. Think of the extra time you will have to sip a glass of wine with your family and friends because you planned ahead!

Click over and take a look at some pre-planned menus.

Life is too short not to enjoy every minute of it.