Weddings! Making a Memory of Love, Family and Food!

Every day you have the power to make a special memory. This has been one thing I’ve been thinking about lately. In the wedding business, I see many brides where there is a tension just below the surface because along with planning their dream wedding, every decision seems to be a life decision. Where will you be married? When will you be married? How many people will you have at your wedding? Will you invite them all to the reception? How many bridesmaids? Who will make the cut?

Are you getting married? Do you find yourself being a little stressed about all that needs to be done prior to the day you say “We DO!”. I’m writing this as a reminder to just breathe. Wedding planning is one of those things that can actually be accomplished easily if we just slow things down a bit. Make your list and take the time to appreciate the special things that surround this event.

So often when brides come into my office, they bring their moms with them. I think to myself, this is the woman who held her baby girl in her arms and felt the depth of love that in itself is a miracle. It’s incredible to hold a baby in your arms and know you are responsible for her and then 23 or so years later, help her choose flowers, linens and hors d’oevres and flowers. I love to see the relationships. I love to gain a new friendship with my brides and their families. If I could serve at every wedding I would, just to make sure my families are taken care of but luckily, Chef’s Catering has a staff that is hardworking and professional.

I love having couples come for a tasting because it is like a moment in time that will never happen again and I truly want to make it special for them.