Great Food Never Goes Out Of Style

There are things that never go out of style like amazing food, full of flavor. At Chef’s Catering we are growing! We want to keep up with today’s media world without letting go of our classic flavors. With the holidays around the corner and all the weddings coming together for next year, we are super… Read more »

The Perfect Holiday Hostess Gift!

There’s a familiar saying which is called the Golden Rule. Do you know it? It says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We are right in the middle of gift giving season. With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas close at hand, the need for that perfect gift idea is… Read more »

The Perfect Gift… Cater To Yourself!

It’s that time once again. The family is arranging to all land on your doorstep for some good, old-fashioned family fun and delicious food. The holidays are a time to kick back and watch the kick-off! But what about you? Do you get to kick back and relax or are you thinking, how many side… Read more »

Calling All Wedding Planners in the Charlotte

Chef’s Catering has been in business for 35 years. Our ability to bring elegance and a sense of peace to any occasion comes from years of experience. Let me not forget to mention that our food is delicious! We bring an ease and refinement to events that allow the couple and their families the luxury… Read more »

Catering for Business, Pleasure and Health

Work hard, play hard, stay fit! As the New Year, 2016 approaches, the resolutions for 2016 will start to be scribbled down on notebooks and new idea boards will be made and pinned on Pinterest. Let’s face it, nobody likes to deny themselves but everyone wants to look good and feel good. I have a… Read more »

Super Bowl and Super Food

The purpose of having a blog is to share ideas! They are an excellent tool in today’s world because they are entertaining and informative. They are current and creative. People love to cyber-surf each new wave and trend. It doesn’t matter if it is “Do-It-Yourself” or “What Can We Do For You?”. Super Bowl 50… Read more »

Bridal Shows and Love that Grows!

Chef’s Catering was honored to be invited to Belk’s Bridal Registry Spotlight. All registered brides were invited and we set up in their bridal department where everyone was so amazed by our display. I, myself, had a really fun day and was feeling really proud of our food. Chef’s Catering is a family business that… Read more »

Super Tuesday and The Politics of Food

On this Super Tuesday, Chef’s Catering is campaigning for your vote to represent your company as you impress your prospects, encourage your employees, nourish the minds that fuel your business! Chef’s Catering has the reputation for giving you more! More Flavor, More Style, More Value. A “Delegate” is defined as a person sent or authorized… Read more »

Mother’s Day…Give Mom Food, Glorious Food!

It’s Mother’s Day 2016! In this era of Instagram , Pinterest and every other social media outlets, there are droves of people snapping shots of their food prior to digging in. Even if we are not the ones going to the restaurants, how many of us have spent an hour on Pinterest, perusing the photos… Read more »

As Summer is still heating up…Fall is just around the corner !

As we look ahead, not only does Fall cool off for us, but it brings us so much warm comfort food. Look to Chef’s Catering for all your Fall Catering needs as we round the corner to so many reasons to celebrate: Back to School, Oktoberfest, Pumpkin Season and Thanksgiving. Throughout history, autumn has been… Read more »